What does Our Shared Purpose mean?

For the people who walk through our doors seeking care – our patients, clients, residents and their families – it means they have access to health services across the spectrum of care, from primary care through tertiary and quaternary to post-acute to rehabilitation, palliative care and long-term care. We’ll be able to provide them with better and greater care when and where they need it most.

For our 10,000 plus employees and physicians, it means greater access to in-house expertise. Our three sites are home to numerous leading health-care practitioners and researchers, from whom our staff are keen to learn. Knowledge sharing is extremely important – we always want to provide the absolute best care to our patients, residents and clients.

For the health system and taxpayers, it means greater efficiency because we now have one governance model and we share support services across the network. For example, information technology is a significant enabler of health care, but it is, in some cases, prohibitively expensive. Sharing this cost amongst three organizations makes it more affordable and we can all leverage technology to boost health services for our patients. The savings will allow us to reinvest where it matters the most: patient care.

On Aug. 1, 2017, we grew bigger and stronger so that we could accomplish these and much more. Providence Healthcare, St. Joseph’s Health Centre and St. Michael’s Hospital officially became a single organization under the umbrella of a new health network.

Special thanks to our former president and CEO, Dr. Robert Howard, for leading our health network during our formative months. He earned himself a well-deserved retirement! Following his departure, we welcomed Dr. Tim Rutledge, a leader who will help usher our network into the future of health care.

We’re well on our way to launching the first network-wide Quality Improvement Plan and developing our inaugural strategic plan.

Integrating isn’t so much an event as it is a process. While we’re still in the process of integrating, everyone at our three sites – whether a cashier in the cafeteria, a surgeon, a data analyst, a pharmacist, a nurse or a porter – remains committed to our shared purpose: providing excellent, compassionate care to everyone who walks through our doors.

Thank you to everyone who’s supported us this past year; it was a momentous year for us and we couldn’t have done it without you.


Tom Woods
Chair, Board of Directors of the Providence, St. Joseph’s and St. Michael’s health network


Network Highlights


Providence Staff Move Into New Knowledge Centre

Interprofessional staff, practice leaders and staff who work in Learning and Development and Quality, moved their offices into this brand new 14,000 sq. ft. space on March 23. The Knowledge Centre is open 24-7 and offers advanced technology, tools and resources to support Providence’s staff, physicians and students. This $2.5 million capital project was 100 per cent funded through the foundation. A formal grand opening event was held on April 13.

St. Joseph's Receives $10 Million Donation

On Sept. 7, St. Joseph’s announced the largest gift in the hospital’s history – a $10 million donation by Peter Gilgan, founder and CEO of Mattamy Homes. Gilgan’s donation will have immediate impact on the foundation’s $70 million Promise campaign’s goal to modernize and enhance spaces for patients, purchase new equipment and technology, and create specialized areas to meet the community’s unique health needs.


$30 Million MS Centre To Be Built At St. Michael's

St. Michael’s will be creating a $30-million multiple sclerosis centre that is expected to be the largest and most prestigious in the world for both patient care and research. The facility will be known as the Barlo MS Centre — after John and Jocelyn Barford and Jon and Nancy Love, who donated $10 million per family to the project. It will occupy the top two floors of the hospital’s new 17-storey Peter Gilgan Patient Care Tower. The rest of the money is being raised through the hospital’s foundation.

2017-18 Corporate Objectives Balanced Scorecard

Patient, Families, Commuity & Health System

  • Advance system transformation and integration
  • Deliver the best experience possible to everyone we provide care

Internal Process

  • Leverage resources across the network to advance care; take care of our workforce; and update our physical space – all to support continued excellence in patient care


  • Pursue operational excellence to achieve financial health and sustainability

Learning & Growth

  • Support the development of our people
  • Advance excellence in teaching and learning
  • Develop strategies for employee and physician engagement

Enhancing Our
Care and Services

Since our three hospitals integrated on August 1, 2017, we’ve been working hard to create greater value for the people we care for, our respective communities and the broader health system. Here are two examples of how we’re streamlining our care and services for the benefit of all: reducing wait times for a select group of patients and integrating our lab services which has resulted in improved turnaround times for tests.

Reducing Wait Times

St. Michael’s Hospital and Providence Healthcare are collaborating on a project that will see Providence take on extended post-operative care for certain St. Michael’s patients. St. Michael’s is a leader in the assessment and surgical management of complex wounds. Paraplegic and quadriplegic patients are susceptible to skin pressure injury and subsequent major pressure wounds. Reconstructive surgery can help many of these patients. 


Integrating Our Labs

Patients will likely never see the inside of a hospital lab, but it’s a department that’s critical to the care they receive – 75 per cent of medical decisions that physicians and care teams make are based on lab results. And in some cases, those results are needed quickly to make life-saving decisions. St. Joseph’s Health Centre and St. Michael’s Hospital made the move to join our labs in 2016, creating an integrated system that improves turnaround times for tests and allows clinical knowledge to be shared across both sites, improving quality of care for patients at both organizations.

Engaging Our Communities

Each of our hospitals is committed to providing opportunities for patients, residents, families and/or community members to provide feedback and contribute ideas and insights about their care, with the goal of helping to improve the patient experience. Providence Healthcare has established a Community Engagement Portal so that patients, families and community members can contribute their ideas on strategies, services and projects.